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by Rick Valente

Created by a group of friends in 2010, Yyize.com provides a place for creative people to get together and share photos, video, and text any way they want. The site brings together the features of websites like Flickr, Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, LiveJournal, and LinkedIn to create an alternative community for the passionate and artistic. To help its members find like-minded individuals, it operates groups aimed at doctors, filmmakers, writers, gym fanatics, boxers, boating enthusiasts, and more.

The site also features numerous blogs sorted into categories, including business, lifestyle, sports, health, and personal. Recent posts on the blogs include information on gold prices, an article about a multimillion dollar dress, and examples of jewelry ads from the World War II era.

About the Author:

World-famous bodybuilder and TV host Rick Valente helped found Yyize.com. Today, he posts regularly on the site and belongs to many of its groups, including the Filmmaker Faction, The Gym Buzz, and The Power Lifting Group.

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